5 Kurti Styling Tips to Make Short Girl Look Taller: Ultimate Guide

Kurti styling tips for Short girl

Do you have trouble styling Kurti as a short girl?

It can be very difficult to find flattering kurtas which are suitable for short girls. It is pretty safe to say that most of the kurtas are made to fit taller bodies, which is the reason why short girlies fall for this misfortune. 

However, Don’t worry, we got you! 

In this detailed article we will be discussing Kurti tips for short height girl in a way which would make you look taller.

#1 Go for straight Kurti

The best way for our short girlies to look taller is to avoid flared kurtis and instead choose straight cut kurtis . A straight cut kurti maintains a straight line from your shoulder till your knees which gives a very pleasing effect and expands the length of your face. In contrast to flared or A-line kurtis that add the volume below the waist, the straight cut structure of a kurti helps in elongating your figure making you look taller.

While selecting a straight kurti, put on a pair of jeans underneath and ensure the kurti is not too loose but ok with some gathering. When worn properly, it is supposed to be a little fitted on some areas while loose in others without having to be too tight at any place to give you the desirable sleek look.

#2 Try print that are subdued 

An important factor to consider is prints since they make a huge statement about clothing. The ideal dress code of choice for the shorter girls should be kurtis with little or discreet prints to avoid distracting attention by making big prints. To be precise, large prints are bulky and if placed in a frame, they cover more area, diminishing your height and making you appear shorter. 

Small prints, however, provide you a neater appearance at the same time, not disrupting your entire look. To elaborate, vertical prints or stripes have a strong impact due to the fact that they cause the observer’s gaze to traverse this particular dimension thus giving an additional feel of height. Do not wear any clothes that are horizontally striped or have other complex patterns, as they add width and decrease your stature.

#3 Pair a Long Kurti with Palazzo

If you want to look tall while wearing a kurti, make sure that you are wearing it with palazzo pants to gradually add more inches to your height. Also ensure that you adjust your kurti in a way where your legs are not exposed, and at the same time not extremely tight because the next piece of clothing we see is the palazzo pants. 

It is also recommended that the kurti should extend below the hips, but not too large so that it makes the wearer look bigger. Palazzo pants should best be worn high-waist and floor-touching to allow the waist to be flowing down to the feet, creating a straight line. This elongation makes your legs appear longer and achieves the proportionality between both parts of your body.

#4 Try Pairing with Solid Colors

It is actually recommended that you stick to the basic colors, especially if you are on the petite size and would want to add an illusion of height. One of the reasons why a monochrome outfit can help you add some height is that such outfits do not have any breaking point which helps in visually interrupting the eye. In the case of traditional dressing, put on a solid colored kurti that is well coordinated with the bottoms, this will make your legs look a little longer!

It is also important to note that if you want a little variety, just ensure that the colors are not too dull or too bright. For instance, one can wear a black kurti with somewhat lighter bottoms as this won’t disrupt the vertical line but will transition between colors quite subtly.

#5 Dark Colors Are Great

Wearing dark colors can be considered to be very slimming and the clothes give a feeling of length, which would be appropriate for short girls. Best colors for the kurtis include black, navy blue, deep green and Maroon color is also ideal. These colors give the illusion of dimension and can also be useful in getting a slimmer and taller frame look within your fit. 


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