Khamma Ghani (Namastey) From Raworiya

About Raworiya


Known for its rich cultural and traditional heritage, India is home to numerous hand block printing techniques. With a lot of local sellers and suppliers available in the market, Raworiya stands out in the crowd, with a lot to offer. 

From traditional prints to modern designs, Raworiya has it all!

Raworiya is your very own home grown brand which manufactures hand block printed garments for men and women. We specialize in traditional handblock prints like Bagru, Ajrakh, Dabu, Sanganeri, Jaipuri, etc. Other than retail, we also manufacture our own products, and sell them wholesale.  

We are specialized in Block printed garments like block printed lehenga choli, sarees, Kaftans, kurti, block printed shirts and quilted jackets. Also expanding in new block printed garments.

Our Story

In 2017 when Mr. Gajendra Kumawat completed his education, he had a strong desire to improve the lives of the local artisans who were working in poor conditions. 

This is when he decided to open a company in Bagru, Rajasthan, which would provide them with a platform to showcase their skills not only within the country but on a global level.

“Promoting my culture in the form of Fashion” 

– Gajendra Kumawat


Our Philosophy

The brand’s philosophy extends beyond the mere art of design; it is a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices that honor the environment, customers, and the communities involved in the weaving process. With every inch of the fiber that goes into making their iconic clothes, there is a dedication to empowering the local artisans that are involved in the process. 

We value our artisans as well as customers, which is the reason why we only use organic dyes. Toxic dyes contain chemicals which not only harm our environment, but also our customers. So, we decided to make our own traditional dyes which don’t affect our customers. 

Here are some of the colors that are made from organic elements: 

  • Red: From madder, which comes from the Aahl tree
  • Black: From fermented Harda seeds
  • Blue: From indigo plant
  • Yellow: From dried pomegranate rinds, turmeric, and dried flowers of Dhabaria trees
  • Grey, khaki, and brown: From kashish
  • Green: From the addition of turmeric dyes to indigo dyes
  • Maroon: From Gehru (ochre mud)

Raworiya is a one-stop destination for men and women to buy Block Printed garments online. So what are you waiting for? Explore our wide range of hand block printed garments, and stand out from the crowd! Shop now 😀

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