Patch Work Sarees stand out from the other kinds of styles and design because of its amazing combination of modern design and traditional vibe. Checkout Below:

Patch Work Sarees


Sarees are one of a kind garment which is growing stylish day by day due to its ageless elegance. Our collection features a wide range of Patch work sarees with a variety of colors and styles. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our collection of Patch Work Sarees in Cotton, and take your pick. 

What are Patch Work Sarees?

If you are wondering what Patch Work sarees are, let us help you out. In simple words, patchworks sarees are an amazing combination of different fabric pieces, patterns, and colors, stitched together to form a stunning design. In this technique, the main factor which plays a major factor in creating a stunning design is the contrast between the materials, designs, and colors of the fabric patches that has to be stitched together to create a single piece of clothing which is rich in detail and artistry. The beauty of Patch Work sarees lies in its variety and diversity, as each and every saree tells a different story through its patches and designs. 

A lot of times, Patch Work sarees feature elaborate embroidery, embellishments, and mirror work, which helps in enhancing the charm of the saree. The artistry which is used in this art form to create these masterpieces is immense, as the process involves meticulous hand-stitching to ensure a stunning end product. 

Raworiya’s Hand block Printed Patch Work Sarees

Raworiya’s Patch Work sarees bring quality and elegance to the world of ethnic wear. Our collection of handblock printed Patch Work sarees shows their commitment of keeping the traditional crafts alive, while making it perfect according to today’s aesthetic. 

Hand block printing is an age-old printing technique, where artisans print by carving the designs on a wooden block, dipping it into the dye (made out of natural elements), and then stamping it onto the fabric. This printing technique with Patch Work provides you with stunningly beautiful sarees with an appreciation of Indian heritage and craftsmanship. 

Raworiya’s handblock printed Patch Work sarees feature beautiful colors, and complex patterns, where each saree represents the skills and hard work of the artisans who do all the work.  

Care Instructions for Handblock Printed Patch Work Sarees

Having a handblock printed Patch Work saree is fun, but it is important that you take responsibility for proper care to make sure that your saree is durable. Here are a few tips with which you can maintain the quality of your saree, and wear it for a long time. 

1. Washing Instructions 

It is recommended that you dry clean your handblock printed Patch Work sarees. You have to dry clean them for the first few washes, because there is a high risk of colors bleeding from the saree. Also, if you are looking to wash the saree, make sure that you wash it with cold water and a mild detergent. Do not twist or wring your saree as this can loosen up the patches that are attached together. 

2. Drying

This is one of the most important points, as drying our patch work cotton sarees in direct sunlight would fade the color of the print and fabric, making it look patchy. So, ensure that your patch work saree is drying in the shade. You dry the saree by laying it flat on a surface, as hanging it might stretch or misshape the saree. 

3. Ironing

Whenever you are ironing the saree, make sure that you use a medium to low heat setting. It is recommended that you iron the saree when it’s still a little damp, and make sure that you iron on the other side to protect the prints. You can also place a thin cloth over the fabric while ironing, so that you can avoid direct contact with the heat.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find patch work cotton sarees Online?

There are many different websites that sell Patch Work cotton sarees. However, if you are looking for quality patch work cotton sarees, make sure that you check out Raworiya’s collection of Patch work sarees. 

2. Why should I buy Patch work cotton sarees from Raworiya?

Here are a few reasons why you should buy Patch work cotton sarees from raworiya:

  • Amazing quality
  • Variety of colors and designs
  • Use of authentic hand printing techniques
  • Use of sustainable practises 
  • Use of natural dyes

3. What is the material of the patch work saree?

Our patch work sarees are made up of premium quality of cotton. 

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