Hand Block Print Sarees: Why it is Always Trendy?

why are hand block print sarees treding

When we talk about block print garments, it is safe to say that it has been representing a social and cultural trend. The craft of block printing can be considered one of the oldest crafts to ever exist. Due to the variations in the designs of handblock print sarees, it can be said for sure that you won’t ever run out of trends.

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the recent trends in handblock sarees that you might have missed. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1: Modern and Traditional Fusion of Sarees

Sometimes, just one style is not enough. A lot of people have decided to mix traditional with modern designs, and so have we. Designers love mixing these two components together by combining the traditional art of block printing with modern designs. This combination results in sarees that have the charm of traditional craftsmanship while matching modern tastes. 

For example, abstract art and geometric patterns are being included in the designs of handblock-printed sarees. The best part about these trends is that they provide a very refreshing outlook on traditional Indian sarees by giving them a modern touch.

Due to the use of pastels and muted tones, these kinds of sarees appeal to the younger generations. 

#2: Keep it Minimal

Minimalism is one of the most rising trends in today’s fashion scene, and hand-blocked sarees are not an exception. But now you must be wondering: Why would people choose minimalism over any other style? Well, the answer can be the elegance and simplicity it reflects. Most minimalist garments have subtle designs which do not overpower your whole look. 

This look is loved by people who have a knack for refined and subtle aesthetics. And the best part about this style is that it is very versatile and easy to style for all kinds of occasions. Mostly the materials that are used in this trend are very lightweight and breathable, like cotton and linen, not only making them stylish but also comfortable. 

#3: Indigo Prints

Indigo prints are the hallmark of hand block printing, as most of the hand block printing techniques use Indigo as its primary natural dye. The deep and rich colour of the indigo dye adds a beautiful shade and contrast to the prints. In recent times, many designers have been including this beautiful colour in their modern designs. 

Indigo sarees are known for their versatility and elegance. Also, they are easy to style, making them great for all kinds of occasions. The best part about Indigo Print is its ability to adapt to various styles and trends. You can pair the saree with traditional silver jewellery for a beautiful and traditional look with a modern twist. 

#4: Experiment with Designs, Colours, and Silhouettes

Innovation is one of the major trends in hand block print sarees. Many designers are working day and night to bring something new to their customers by experimenting with the material, colour, and silhouettes. The experiments and innovation are not only making the clothing appealing for younger generations, but they are also making fashion dynamic for people. 

One of these innovations is the use of rare colors. Traditional block printing techniques like bagru print and dabu print use natural dyes, which give an earthy vibe to your entire look. However, sometimes people get bored with the earthy vibes. Modern fashion is exploring all of these different shades, like metallics, neon shades, and gradients. 

#5: Types of Prints Used for Hand Block Print Saree

Hand block prints actually have a wide variety of techniques and styles, with each of them having their own charm. It is important to understand various types of prints, which would provide you with a wide range of options to choose from: 

  • Bagru Print Sarees: Belonging to the small town of Rajasthan called Bagru, this printing method is known for using natural dyes and traditional patterns, like floral designs. The best part about this printing technique is that it is done on a background of beige and brown, which enhances the colour of the dyes. 
  • Sanganeri Prints Sarees: Also belonging to Rajasthan’s small town of Sanganer, Sanganeri prints are recognised for their beautiful floral designs and fine detailing. These prints usually have bright colours and are very famous for their elegant appearance. 
  • Dabu Print Sarees: Dabu Print is a printing technique that uses a resist dyeing technique where they apply a paste made from lime, mud, and gum to the fabric before stamping the wooden block, dipped in dye, on the fabric. A lot of times, the Dabu prints are seen in natural dyes like indigo.


Floral design is one of the most basic designs in handblock-printed sarees, which has been trendy since forever. The best part about floral designs is its beauty, which makes it versatile, and elegant. Whether done with vibrant colours or pastel colours, florals can easily make any saree look even more beautiful, elegant, and feminine. 

These days, many women have been choosing intricate and minimal floral designs over heavy and overwhelming floral designs. These designs are usually inspired by nature, featuring realistic prints of vines, flowers, and leaves. Many designers are actually experimenting with the size of their designs, using both bold and small patterns to create a wide range of looks. 


The revival of hand-block print sarees is a beautiful representation of traditional craftsmanship with modern designs. With the fusion of the latest trends like florals, minimalism, experimental designs, etc., it will be safe to say that these trends have something to offer people with different tastes and preferences. 

If you are looking for a handblock print saree online, Raworiya is the best choice for you. With a wide range of sarees available, you would have a choice in wearing various kinds of handloom block print sarees. So, explore our wide collection of Jaipur block print sarees and take your pick. 

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