What to Wear on Krishna Janmashtami

Janmashtami, a festival known for the birth of lord krishna, is one of the most vibrant festivals in the hindu culture. However, many people don’t know what to wear on this occasion. 

If you are also facing the same problem, then don’t worry, we got you!

In this article you will be seeing some of our best selling products that will be great for a festival like Janamashtmi. 

Krishna Janmashtami Outfit Ideas:

#1 Bagru Print Kurtis

Janmashtmi outfits that one must get are the Bagru print kurtis. Bagru is one of the oldest types of hand block printing from Rajasthan, and it is treasured for its gorgeous patterns and organic and natural dyes. These kurtis are not only good looking and flattering but are also soft and easy on your skin, which makes it suitable to wear for all day’s events. Due to the fact that the prints are detailed, and the color scheme is Earthy, the Rajashani culture is reflected in all of the pieces. One can pair the Bagru print kurti with leggings or palazzo, and add the final touches through oxidized accessories.

#2 Ajrakh Print Kurtis

The Ajrakh print kurtis are yet another exquisite choice which can be effectively worn for Janmashtmi. Derived from the Kutch region in the west of India, Ajrakh prints are famous because of their grid-like designs and beautiful natural dyes. These kurtis are made in the best way, with multiple steps like preparing the fabric, washing, and dyeing, resulting in stunning and symmetric looks. Kurti can be paired with churidar pants and with statement earrings for the perfect festive look.

#3 Nyra Cut Suits

Nyra Cut Suits from Raworiya is literally the best choice for people who are looking for outfits with the combination of modern and traditional look. These suits have a more form fitting cut, which can be suitable for different kinds of body types, while providing comfort and style at the same time. The Nyra Cut has a special collar and the flare in the bottom, which provides the look with a modern touch to the traditional kurta design. Many of these suits are available in bright colors and striking prints, making it great for festivals like Janamshtmi. You can style your Nyra Cut Suit with comfortable heels and simple accessories so that the focus of the outfit is on the outfit itself.

#4 Rajasthani Lehenga Choli

The lehenga choli is all set to be the new fashion statement across the nation, and especially Rajasthani lehenga choli, is one of the most popular types of ethnic Indian wear for every occasion, be it a wedding or any other festival. This traditional outfit is popular for its bold colors, dense work of embroidered designs, and the addition of mirrors on the outfits especially for the festive season called Janmashtami. 

Our Rajasthani Lehenga choli set includes a flowing skirt known as Lehenga, a fitted top or a bustier known as Choli, and a scarf or pallu known as Dupatta. This outfit is as elegant as it has to be, so that one could dance with the freedom to celebrate the birth of lord Kishna. 

Our Lehenga choli set is made up of premium quality cotton, which not only makes it comfortable, but also makes sure that you remain cool all day. You can style your lehenga choli with traditional ornaments, Jhumkas (pendant earrings) and bangles.

#5 Bagru Print Sarees

If you want to wear sarees on Janmashtami, then make sure that you opt for Bagru print saree. Much like the kurtis, these sarees are designed with hand block printed details that give them a beautiful and different look. The floral colors give Bagru print sarees a typical ethnic look and the designs made with the natural dyes give our sarees an aesthetic appeal. Being a Bagru print saree, it also glorifies the heritage you carry within you, making you look rather classy and sophisticated. You can wear antique silver jewelry for a more traditional look or a modern look for a saree blouse with black or dark colored blouse of contrasting saree fabric.


Selecting clothes for this festival is not only about dressing well; it is about respecting the cultural and religious aspect of the festival. Raworiya has a collection of beautiful traditional clothes that are both chic and stylish, which will enable you to have a great time in the celebrations. Whether a Bagru print kurti, an Ajrakh print kurti, a Nyra Cut Suit, a Rajasthani lehenga choli or a Bagru print saree, every dress you wear has its own types and significance.

So, make sure that you are ready to embrace the traditional Janmashtami by wearing these elegant outfits and have a great time celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.

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